1. Order Summary for the Particular Shop - TrolleyMania shows the order details on each step of check out;
  2. Recipient - The Consumer may choose to address the item to someone other than him/herself: gifts, placing orders on behalf of others, etc. Moreover, the Merchant would require the preferred contact number of the Consumer should a problem with the order arise.
  3. Gift - The TrolleyMania system caters for gift giving in that if the Consumer ticks the check box indicating that the item is a gift, the Merchant will be notified and the receipt printed for delivery of the item will be issued with all the details of the order less the price and total cost.
  4. Gift Wrap - Some TrolleyMania E-Shops give the value-added service of wrapping the item as a gift. The Merchant may or may not charge for this service as indicated in the bracketed description. If the Merchant does not provide the gift wrapping service, you will not find this option in the check-out process.
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