1.  Select the delivery method that you would like to use in order for the item to be delivered to your preferred address. The Delivery methods are those provided by the particular Merchant meaning that each Merchant might have different methods of delivery available for the Consumer.
  2. You may also choose the preferred day/s to have your item delivered to the specified address.
  3. The order summary is always present in each step of the check put process.
  4. The comment section is optional and may be used should you feel the need to instruct the Merchant with more details.
  5. Finally, you must select the payment method you will use to affect your order. Here again, the Payment methods may be different for each Merchant since the Merchant may choose to accept some methods and not others.
  6. Once this section has been filled in correctly, you may "Proceed to Check Out".
  7. If you have chosen the option of paying on delivery of the item, you will be presented with a page stating that your order has been sent successfully and will receive an email with full order information.
  8. If you have chosen the option of paying the order by debit/credit card, you will have to go through the final step which is the payment details page. This page is built on highly secure standards against personal detail theft and fraud. TrolleyMania does not save your details anywhere - it uses those details to affect your payment after which they are deleted from its system.
  9. Once your debit/credit card details have been validated and the transfer of funds has been successfully processed, TrolleyMania will show you a window saying that the transaction has been processed successfully and an email will be sent to you with full details of the order.
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