As the name itself suggests, this is the area through which you may control the essential settings of your E-Shop:

1. Your Shop Logo which can be uploaded in the same way an image is uploaded in the Add Product Page.

2. Your Shop Banner - Not all templates have space for a banner.

3. Publish Your Shop - you may take your time in setting up your shop and building up your product catalogue. When you are all set you can hit the "Publish" Button and whatever data you have inserted will be showcased online.

4. UnPublish Account - If you would like to bring down your shop for a while but would not like to lose your data you may hit the UnPublish Button and go missing from TrolleyMania until you hit the Publish Button again. This is usually used by Merchants who close down for festive seasons, family obligations etc.

5. Terminate Account - as indicated in the TrolleyMania Terms and Conditions there is no obligation for you to retain your shop on TrolleyMania. Whenever you would like to terminate your E-Shop you can just click the Terminate function and your E-Shop will be deleted from the system. Please note that no refunds will be made for any charges relate to the set up and maintenance of an E-Shop.


Please note that your shop may not be published until you choose:

1. At least one method of delivery

2. At least one method of payment

3. If you chose receiving payment through TrolleyMania Check Out you must HAVE a Merchant Account and insert the details of this account in the Payment Method Section of your Merchant Area.

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