An individual must register as a User before being able to sell online. Refer to the "Register As a User" Section to find out more information. Anyone with a Maltese VAT Number may register to sell online through TrolleyMania.

Registering as a Merchant is easy:

  1. Register as a User/Login as a User;
  2. Click the button "Start Selling Online"
  3. You will be presented with a review of the information you have submitted as a User;
  4. Click Proceed;
  5. Tick the box which says "Import User Registration Details" if you would like to use same info or else type in new data if you would like your Shop details to be different than your personal details.
  6. You must submit a valid VAT Number in the appropriate field;
  7. Company Registration details and Company Licensing details should be filled in by registered companies;
  8. Accept the Terms and Conditions by reading them (click on the link to view the details) and check the appropriate tick box;
  9. Click Proceed at the bottom of the page;
  10. Choose a template for your shop and click Proceed;
  11. Review details for:
    1. Chosen Template;
    2. User Registration;
    3. Shop Details
  12. And click Proceed.

  13. Enter the payment details as instructed by the Check Out Page and click Proceed. This will affect payment against the setup of your E-Shop (EUR250 excluding VAT) as well as the first year Management Fee paid in advance (EUR232 excluding VAT).
  14. At this point you will receive an email with the details of your registration and payment and through that same email you will be instructed to activate your account via a link.
  15. You may now login and build up your E-Shop.


Please note that you are able to purchase as many E-Shops as preferred using your same login credentials. Each time you would like to build a new E-Shop you must press the "Start Selling Online" button and follow the Merchant Registration Process with the details of your new shop.

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