Currently there are two ways that your Consumers can pay you for the products you sold to them:

1. Cash On Delivery

Cash on delivery

Cash On Delivery means that when the item is delivered to the Consumer, payment is affected there and then.

You may provide this service and pick up the cash when you deliver the items to your Consumers.

Please note that TrolleyMania keeps a track of all orders done through the TrolleyMania system and will charge 0.25% transaction costs for all types of Payment Methods. In the case of Cash on delivery, you will be receiving a periodic invoice which will cover that period's due commission.

MaltaPost are offering the Cash on delivery Service along with their normal courier service at a charge of 2% on order value. MaltaPost will collect the cash from the recipient of the item and will deposit the amount collected directly to your bank account net of their 2% commission and the TrolleyMania transaction fee of 0.25%.

Cash on Delivery Service is only valid for local Deliveries.

2. TrolleyMania Check Out / Alert Payment Gateway

TrolleyMania Check Out

To have this service in place you must have a Merchant Account. If you opt to acquire a Merchant Account from BOV, you may activate your service online, however, if you choose to apply for a Merchant Account issued by HSBC you must contact TrolleyMania Administration who will guide you through the activation process.

By opting for the TrolleyMania check out you are choosing to receive payment directly to your Merchant Account from Consumers who would like to pay via debit and credit card. The TrolleyMania transaction fee will be automatically deducted by the Bank at receipt of funds.

TrolleyMania Administration will introduce new payment channels in time which will be available to all Merchants.

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