The My Products Manager is the pivot point of your E-Shop. This is the section that will make or break your business on TrolleyMania. Special care must be taken to compile the data for each product since this information will be shared to Consumers over which buying decisions will be made.

The My Product List will give a visual of all the products that you have uploaded on your E-Shop. The colours at the furthest left column indicate active and inactive products with green and red buttons respectively. To change the status of these products you need to select the edit information option and change the status from the very bottom of the page.

My Product List

If you roll over your mouse on the Product Name you will be able to see an image of the Product. This is to help you understand more which products you are dealing with when faced with an endless list. And changes you would like to make to the product which has already been added to your product catalogue may be done through the Edit Product function whereas any new products may be added by the top right button "Add Product".

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