My Consumers

The back end of your shop will allow you to see all the Consumers that have purchased from you in the past. Their information is registered on your profile once they have affected a purchase from your shop. If you click on "More Information" you will have a more detailed view of that Consumer and the order that s/he has affected with you as shown in the following screenshot.

My Consumer Orders

The top section is dedicated to showing you the details of the Consumer with Full name and contact details should you need to contact him/her for issues related to an order. The next section will show you an order history done by that particular client with order number, date, number of items within the order and its status. This list may be sorted by Order Number, Date, Status and Items just by clicking the arrows on the right of each button.

The pins on the left column of the list indicate the status of the order:

Red - Awaiting Merchant

Green - Dispatched.

This will give you a clear indication of which orders you have seen to and which are still pending on your list. If you click on the "View Order" button next to each order you will be able to retrieve more data about the order in question.

Apart from the Order details and the Consumer Details this window will allow you to store the tracking number of the parcel if the Delivery has been done by MaltaPost. MaltaPost will provide you with this number on pick up thus allowing you to monitor the delivery of the item through the MaltaPost website using this number. You may also pass it on to your Consumer if he/she asks for a delivery status. Moreover, you will be able to view the comments that have been left by the Consumer.

Order Details


If the option "Print Gift Receipt" is present, then this will show you that the item has been bought as a gift and you can send the recipient a receipt without revealing the value of the order as shown below.

Order Summary

On the other hand, if you are shown the option to Print Order only, this will indicate that the item was not bought as a gift and the Invoice/Receipt may be sent in full.

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