E-Shop Templates

In the templates manager you may view all the templates that you have purchased for your E-Shop. On registration, TrolleyMania will provide you with a free template that comes in different colours. This template will be saved in this section of your profile. If you wish to change colour at any time all you need to do is click on the preferred colour portrayed by the "Available Colours" Bar. You may do this as many times as you wish and the change request will be automatically updated on your E-Shop. If you would like to browse more templates you need to hit the "More Templates" button which will show you all the available templates provided by TrolleyMania which may be bought at a price. The system will allow you to choose, select and pay for your templates online. If you wish to have a customised design for your E-Shop which will allow you to be unique amongst the other shops in TrolleyMania you must contact us for a quote.

Once a template has been bought, it will be permanently saved on your profile and thus may be reused in the future at the click of the button "Select Template".

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