There are three major delivery methods that you can choose from to help you with delivering your orders:

MaltaPost Delivery Method

Currently MaltaPost is the preferred Delivery Agent of TrolleyMania and provide local and foreign deliveries for Merchants who would like to make use of their services.

TrolleyMania is directly connected to the MaltaPost pricing system which communicates accurate delivery costs for the order in question depending on the weight of the product/order and the country of destination.

For Local Courier Service MaltaPost charges EUR3.50 for parcels for a maximum weight of 30Kg divided into three packages of 10Kg. Should a package exceed the weight of 10kg an additional charge of EUR1.00 will be charged to a maximum weight of 20Kg. This charge encompasses the service of pick up from your premises and delivering to specified local address.

The TrolleyMania system will guide the Merchant as to how to pack the order in three packages through a visual allocation of products communicated via the notification email that is sent to the Merchant each time an order is placed.

 The MaltaPost section within the Delivery Manager will also allow you to select the days which are most convenient for you to have MaltaPost pick up the order from your premises.

Own Delivery

The TrolleyMania system integrates your Delivery Service within your shop through the "Own Delivery" Section. You can do this by selecting the ON & OFF button.

The second field indicates the price you would like to charge your Consumers for your delivery service and you may also set a threshold. The threshold is set if you wish to provide free delivery for orders exceeding a specific value. This value may be inserted in the Threshold field which would indicate that any orders below the Threshold Value would be charged at the price quoted on the Delivery Price Field and any orders exceeding the Threshold value will be delivered for free.

At the bottom of this section you may indicate the days of the week on which you may provide the delivery service. This means that if your business delivers on Mondays and Tuesdays only, you must select the appropriate fields. Should a Consumer want to have their items delivered on other days they must:

  • Either wait for the next "Monday" or "Tuesday" to have the items delivered if you have chosen to offer only the "Own Delivery" Service, or
  • Have MaltaPost deliver the item outside your delivery days if you have chosen to include MaltaPost as an optional Delivery Channel for your shop.

Customer Pick Up

The third option within the Delivery Manager is the "Consumer Pick Up" facility. In this case there would not be any charge associated with the order and it is up to the Consumer to arrange for pick up. Like all other options, through the "Consumer Pick Up" section you may select the days you would like your Consumers to use as pick up days from you premises.

You are free to choose ANY Delivery Option, ALL the Delivery Options as well as a COMBINATION which suits you most by switching the service ON & OFF from the available buttons.

The delivery options you select through the Delivery Manager will be adopted for all the Products in your shop, however, should you wish to change the delivery channel of a specific product leaving all other products unaltered, you may do so from the Edit Product function - Packaging & Delivery Console  in the Product Catalogue.

Packaging Options

Finally, TrolleyMania allows you to provide a value-added service to your Consumers through the Packaging Functionality. As explained in the section you may opt to provide Gift Wrapping services or not. Moreover you may charge a fee for this service which will be automatically billed to Consumer through the check-out process if the Consumer selects to buy this service. Should you decide to offer this service for free, you should leave the price field empty.

Once you have decided what options you would like to provide in terms of delivery you may click "Save" and the system will retain this information. Please remember that the changes in this section will be adopted for all the products that you currently have in your product catalogue and all the others that will be added in future, thus if you have changed the delivery options of the individual products through the Edit product Page - Packaging & delivery Console within the Product Catalogue, these have also been overwritten by your new changes. In this case, you must go back to that product and re-enter your customised options for that particular product.


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