Once you have successfully registered as a Merchant you may start setting up your eShop in preparation for the presentation of your business and products.

The E-Shop store Manager is always accessible through your username and password login via www.TrolleyMania.com


When you login, the system will automatically recognise that you are a merchant and thus will redirect you to a landing page which gives you two top level profiles:

  1. The Consumer Area
  2. The Merchant Area.

The Consumer Area is the section through which you may browse TrolleyMania as a Consumer and purchase products from other E-Shops like yours. If you would like to know more about this area please refer to the Consumer Help Section or click here (link).

The Merchant Area is the section through which you may administer your E-Shop and manage your Consumer orders. You may also have multiple E-Shops to administer through your single profile. In this case the Merchant Area will allow you access to each and every E-Shop you own or maintain.


In the Merchant Area you will find a number of functions that will help you build and maintain your shop. These are found on the left hand side menu under the Merchant Area Bar.


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