Important Notice:

By the conditions set out below MaltaPost p.l.c. endeavours to forward to destination, according to dete"rmined standards, Air Parcel Post, Surface Air Lifted (SAL), Expedited Mail Service (EMS) and other courier items entrusted to it.

Dispatching Standards and Delivery times for EMS and Parcels:

As published by the Company from time to time.


In the conditions of this arrangement the following expressions shall have the meaning hereby respectively assigned to them.

"item" shall mean any package, letter, parcel or consignment of parcels addressed to a single address sent at one time and the contents thereof.

"customer" shall mean the individual or company who has entered the foregoing arrangement.

"EMS" Expedited Mail Service.  This service is offered with an optional insurance cover upon request by the customer.

"Money" shall mean coins, currency, money orders, postal orders, stamps, cheques of any type, bills of exchange.

"Jewellery" shall mean gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, precious metal, carbons or stones (whether manufactured or in raw state), watches, fine art or works of art.


Foreign outgoing EMS and Parcel Post items shall not exceed 2 meters for any one dimension or three meters for the sum of the length and the greatest circumference measured in a direction other than the length.  The maximum weight allowed is 30 kgs or as determined by the destination country.

For local deliveries, each package shall not exceed 20 kgs.


Any article contained in the item shall be adequately packed as a protection against damage in the course of transmission and in particular:

  • i. An article which is of a fragile nature shall be packed in a container of sufficient strength and shall be surrounded in the container with sufficient and suitable material against the effect of such concussions, handling pressures to which the items are ordinarily exposed to during transmission. The item shall bear the words 'FRAGILE WITH CARE" written conspicuously in capital letters on the face of the cover above the address.
  • ii. An item which is liable to be damaged by bending shall be placed in a container of sufficient strength to prevent the article to be bent in transmission, and the item shall bear the words "DO NOT BEND" written conspicuously in capital letters on the face of the cover above.
  • iii. Every postal article should be made up and secured in such a manner to prevent the loss of contents as well as to prevent damage to any other postal article.
  • iv. Soft items, like small items of clothing, should be mailed in padded envelopes or what are commonly known as Jiffy Bags.
  • v. Solid or breakable items purchased in their own custom-made boxes should simply be wrapped in thick wrapping paper and then tied securely with strong string or twine. Tape is also acceptable as long as this is restricted to edges or corners. Tape should never cover the whole surface area of a parcel.
  • vi. In instances where the items being posted do not have their own box, an alternative should be found closest in size to the item being mailed. If this is not obtained, MaltaPost p.l.c. offers cardboard boxes through its retail network.
  • vii. Extra space in boxes can always be filled with crushed newspapers, straw or polystyrene. This prevents the items from moving around whilst in transit, and possibly sustaining damage.
  • viii. Dangerous, hazardous or prohibited items shall be refused if tendered for transmission, or if detected in transit will be detained or treated in accordance with the legislation of the country. A summary of this list is contained in "Prohibitions". The sender of such materials will be liable for the removal or the recovery costs incurred in its disposal.
  • ix. Items containing liquids shall be packed in a container of sufficient strength and shall be surrounded in the container with suitable material against breakages. The sender will be liable to pay costs for mail items soiled or damaged in the mail as a consequence of inadequate packaging.
  • x. Each parcel shall not exceed 20kgs in weight.


Method of address:

Every postal article should be legibly addressed, and the address, whether handwritten or printed, should run parallel to the length of the envelope or parcel, leaving enough space on the top right hand corner of the envelope or parcel for the postage stamps and/or barcode.  The address written on the front side of the envelope / parcel should include the postcode immediately after the town or village of the address. The absence of such postcode or incorrect postcode on the address may delay the processing and delivery of such postal article.


The sender address must also be clearly written on the package with "SENDER" in block letters written immediately before the address.

Liabilities not Assumed:

MaltaPost p.l.c. will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage:

  • a. caused by failure to perform any of its obligations if such failure is the result of circumstances outside its control;
  • b. arising from insufficient or improper packaging or addressing;
  • c. caused to items containing articles of a prohibited nature for that service e.g. foodstuffs prohibited in the USA, alcohol prohibited in Saudi Arabia. (Contact MaltaPost Customer Care on 21224421 for assistance)
  • d. arising from failure by the addressee to take delivery within a reasonable time;
  • e. arising from delay or seizure of the item by any Customs Authority because of incorrect, insufficient, incomplete or improper documentation. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the correct and the complete documentation required by the Customs Authority is securely attached to the outside of the item at the time of posting and acknowledges that MaltaPost p.l.c. is not responsible for the presentation of this documentation to Customs. The customer will be held liable to MaltaPost for any fees, costs, or losses incurred due to submission of unacceptable / false documentation;
  • f. arising from failure by the sender to place a documented claim / enquiry of non-receipt of the item, by the addressee, after th lapse of six months from the date of posting.

Compensation for Loss or Damage:

Ordinary Parcels - as guided by "Committed to Deliver" published in the MaltaPost p.l.c. website (

The Company will not be held liable for consequential loss.

Refund of Postage - EMS items:

Postage paid is refunded to the sender if an EMS item is not consigned to the addressee within the expected delivery times.  The EMS delivery times are published in the MaltaPost p.l.c. website (

Acceptance of items by MaltaPost p.l.c.:

Items are accepted by MaltaPost p.l.c. subject to the condition that the service purchased can be provided according to the specifications in the Parcel Post Agreement and the EMS Guide at the time of posting.  The Customer will be liable for all costs involved in the recovery, redelivery, return or loss of items posted where it is subsequently discovered that:

  • i. service is not available to that destination;
  • ii. service is unavailable for any other reason.


  • i. As determined by Article 47 of the Postal Services Act (Cap 245) and the UPU Letter-Post Convention Article 15, MaltaPost p.l.c. will refuse to accept items listed as prohibited for transmission.
  • ii. In addition to the standard lists, every country has its own unique list of restrictions and prohibitions and the customer is advised to consult the UPU List of Prohibited Articles and the EMS Operational Guide before posting.
  • iii. Summary of the Standard List of Prohibitions for all Services, namely: Dangerous, poisonous or infectious items, explosives, firearms - excluding firearms which have a valid export licence, corrosives, acids, paint removers, oxidizing substances, organic peroxides, compressed, liquidized or dissolved gases (especially butane gas lighters or aerosols), flammable solids or liquids or materials liable to spontaneous combustion, paint varnishes, dyes, radioactive materials, pornography or anything that causes embarrassment in transit, living creatures, prohibited or dangerous drugs (except under statutory licence), mercury, materials deemed illegal or prohibited by any Government Authority, organic or biological materials likely to perish under normal transit conditions, I.A.T.A. restricted articles, items likely to cause injury to any other person, or any other items that from time to time may have to be added to the foregoing list.
  • iv. In addition to the above, items containing money and jewellery (see definitions) are not permitted in any service provided.
  • v. Restrictions and Prohibitions on items transmissible by post may change according to directives published by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) from time to time.


Collection of Mail items for delivery:

Merchants are to note the times of pick up of mail items from their address:

Malta & Gozo - Same day delivery between 8.00 am - 11.00 am

Malta - Next day delivery

  • A) Mornings 8.00 am - 12.00 pm
  • B) Afternoons 2.00 am - 6.00 pm
  • C) Saturdays 8.00am - 5.00 pm


Gozo - Daily pick up between 8.00 am - 11.00 am


MaltaPost as well as the merchant will receive an email notification indicating that a client has purchased a product.  For an item to be delivered on the same day, the cut-off time of the email notification is at 11.00 and for next day delivery at 18.00.  Any email notifications received after the above mentioned times would be processed on the next working day.

Our courier staff will contact the merchant to arrange a time for collection.  Once this is agreed the merchant has to ensure that the courier items are packed and ready for collection.  This would include the addressee and sender details written on the package.  For same day delivery the packing must be completed at the very latest by noon in order to ensure same day service.

It is not possible for MaltaPost courier to wait for the merchant to pack the items once on site.  MaltaPost would charge the established courier rate should this be the case and no packages be collected at that point.

In case of any queries kindly contact MaltaPost courier on 25961 556 / 596.

Payment for Services:

The shipping fee, the Trolley mania transaction fee, and  the Cash on delivery fee (if any) needs to be paid upfront by the merchant on collection of the package/s.  This can be in the form of a cheque payable to MaltaPost or by cash.  A receipt for the Shipping fee and Cash on Delivery charge will be forwarded to the merchant by mail.

In cases where, for reasons beyond our control, we are unable to deliver the package, the Cash on Delivery Charge will be reimbursed to the merchant.  The shipping fees and the Trolleymania transaction fee are not refundable.


Cash on Delivery (COD):

MaltaPost offers the service of cash on delivery for those clients who would prefer to pay for the package upon receipt rather than making the payment online.  Clients are to write out the COD cheque in favour of the merchant.  This is to include the shipping charges.

The charge for Cash on Delivery Service is that of 2% of payment collected.

Amounts collected from clients would be forwarded to the merchant by arrangement.

Delivery/Non Delivery

Transit times are estimated and are not guaranteed.  With respect to local courier delivery, the first delivery attempt would be made within the stipulated time stated.  A notice advising such attempted delivery would be left at the addressee indicating from where the package could be collected.  The package would be retained up to four (4) working days for collection.  Should these efforts fail to generate a positive delivery and the item is requested to be returned to origin a charge equivalent to the outward journey will be made in order to return the item.  The sender may opt to collect the items at no extra charge from MaltaPost Head Office at 305, Triq Hal Qormi, Marsa showing appropriate identification.

Courier charges paid would still apply irrespective of whether the delivery has been successful or otherwise.

Merchants are to note that MaltaPost courier will not wait for the addressee to open the package but just consign/ deliver to the address indicated.  Should there be any problems with the package the merchant needs to be contacted directly by the client.

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