If you are not satisfied with the service provided and would like to file a complaint please use the following step by step process.


If you would like to file a complaint against the TrolleyMania website and its Administrators please fill in the complaint form available here (link to form to email). TrolleyMania Administration will acknowledge your submission within 3 working days and will inform you about the best way forward to your complaint.


If your complaint is addressed to a particular Merchant who owns an E-Shop on TrolleyMania please send the complaint directly to that particular Merchant using the contact information provided on the "Contact Us" page of the Merchant E-Shop and carbon copy your email to complaints@TrolleyMania.com.

Please note that no emails sent directly to this email address will be processed. If you have a complaint towards TrolleyMania.com please use our Complaint Form. If you have a complaint about an individual Merchant you must contact the Merchant directly.

The Merchant, once your complaint has been received, will address the issue according to his consumer complaint and dispute resolution process and may, by right, ask you to produce evidence to back your argument. To this effect, TrolleyMania Administration highly recommends that you save all correspondence and notifications with the Merchant should the issue be questioned.


It is important to understand that issues related directly to Merchants/E-Shops should be resolved directly with that particular Merchant/E-Shop. According to the severity of the issue, TrolleyMania Administration has the right to:

  1. Forbid the Consumer from making use of TrolleyMania.com if the Consumer is repeatedly creating unsound complaints towards TrolleyMania and/or Merchants;
  2. Terminate an E-Shop on TrolleyMania if the Merchant has repeatedly been found to conduct unfair business with Consumers.


All Merchants are obliged to at least provide the same resolution process as the one adopted in their offline business operation since online Consumers are protected by the same Consumer law.


TrolleyMania highly recommends that the Consumer primarily tries to resolve any issue directly with the Merchant before resorting to other complaint channels, however, if the complaint has not been resolved within the TrolleyMania environment, the Consumer may resort to turn to Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms available in Malta as follows:

  1. The Malta Communication Authority - www.mca.org.mt
  2. Online Dispute Resolution (Euro -Label) - www.eurolabel.gov.mt
  3. Consumer Affairs Directorate, Consumer & Competition Division - http://finance.gov.mt/page.aspx?site=CCD&page=default


Legal Redress - In the event of a dispute persisting after direct Merchant complaint handling and Alternative Dispute Resolution systems have failed, legal remedies exist for the Consumer to redress:

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