TrolleyMania is an eCommerce platform – an eMall - to be used by Maltese businesses and other organisations who have a useful product/service to sell to the public. The main aim of the eMall is to kick-start the use of eCommerce in the Maltese islands by reducing barriers to entry to the bare minimum.

The project is a public-private partnership between Alert Communications and the Government of Malta. Alert Communications is in charge of the creation and operation of the eMall, while the Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications is responsible for the funding of a promotional campaign to create recognition of the TrolleyMania brand and generate traffic to the site.

In a nutshell, TrolleyMania is a virtual shopping complex made up of several eShops, selling a wide variety of goods e.g. books, household goods, laptops, cameras, entertainment vouchers, mobile phones, etc. It also sells services in the shape of vouchers. In fact the portal caters for different categories of products in all shapes, colours, function, sizes and value. TrolleyMania is not limited to a specific type of industry but strives to attract a wide array of goods and services to be able to offer an ultimate one-stop-shop experience to the consumer.


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